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Kitchen Ideas Ireland – The Hottest Kitchen Trends Of 2017

kitchen ideas ireland

Renovation, remodelling or designing, whatever’s on your mind, don’t forget to do your research first.  If you are in a mood for latest, hottest and most up-to-the-minute kind of kitchen in your home then make sure you know what the trending kitchen ideas Ireland are.

To help you out, we are listing down some of the most in-demand kitchen ideas Ireland so that you can start planning as early as possible:

1.   Bronze Appliances:

Gone is the day when the stainless steel appliances used to make everyone drool. Everyone needs a little warmth in their kitchen, and it can be achieved with trendy bronze and dark coloured appliances that are bringing the tenderness back, and helping us say goodbye to the harsh and blunt reflections of stainless steel.

2.    Smart Connections:

With everything becoming smart, you can also get your kitchen ideas Ireland with all the smart features. With phones in our hands all the time, the latest kitchen trends now includes a kitchen that is hundred percent phone friendly, in which the oven sends the notifications to your phone, and where you can turn off all the lights and even the stove while sitting in your room and typing the commands.

3.   Hide-away Shelves:

The kitchen used to be situated in the extreme corner of the house. Now the kitchens are being integrated into the rest of the home and one thing that is helping the most with it are the hide-away features. One second you are staring at a beautiful wall with a painting and the next, you are staring at a wall of utensils waiting for you to pick up and start testing your culinary skills.

4.   Gray colour:

As mentioned earlier, harsh, bright and shiny kitchens are long gone and they are being replaced by more homely and comfortable kitchens without airs. Just like metallic silver appliances were replaced by bronze and dark colours, the substitute for bright white walls and cabinets is now gray. Gray colour pairs up nicely with richly stained woods and is now one of the kitchen trends for kitchen ideas Ireland.

5.   Dark Floors:

If you have gone for a kitchen that is white in its entirety then dark floors are in with it.  Textured dark wood will give it the extra touch it needs and will pair up nicely with white as it will match with the accessories.

6.   Pecky Cypress:

Nature lovers will love these trending kitchen designs with unfinished appearances and raw looks. The reclaimed-wood look goes all the way from the island to the hood to the cabinets. The grainy texture, paired with leaf coloured accessories, completes the whole “look”.

If these or any of the latest kitchen ideas Ireland have managed to impress you then make sure  you only rely on professional services to give you the kitchen you wish to have.