Graphite & Airforce Blue Custom Shaker Kitchen in Walkinstown

October 3, 2020

Why have you gotten a new kitchen?  

We planned on immediately adding an extension which would contain the new kitchen, dining and a sitting area when we bought our house.  

Describe your previous kitchen in 3 words.          

Outdated, small, demolished

Describe your new kitchen in 3 words.  

Ergonomic, spacious, well-equipped

What were you design goals before you got started?  And why?

We wanted something kind of timeless that wouldn’t need to be updated for a long time, but also with some unique element.  We also had a god idea of what appliances we wanted so making space for them and still having enough room for storage so everything would be organized and easy to get to.  

How was this applied to your kitchen?

The antiqued mirrors in the top panels of the shaker style door add something a bit different to a pretty classic style.  We didn’t have to cut out any appliances and we decided roughly what would go into each press during the design process, so everything is very functional and accessible.

What was a design challenge you had to overcome?  

Building the extension was a big advantage, we knew what area the kitchen would go in so we were careful not to put any obstacles there.  However, since the room would need to serve as a dining and sitting room as well, we had to be careful not make the kitchen too large and accidentally dominate the entire space.  

What is one thing you wish you knew at the start of your project?  Or advice you would give to someone in the planning stages of their new kitchen?  

Even if you already know the construction work of an extension will probably take longer than planned, it will probably take even longer than that again!  So, relax and trust the decisions you have already made.  Avoid the temptation to try and make further changes.  It will just make things take even longer and you’ll probably end up wanting to change things back to your original decisions!

What details are you enjoying most now that the kitchen is in?  And why?

We’re so happy with the look and how organized everything is. It’s a lot of little things like the storage nook in the corner for large appliances so they’re not taking up valuable worktop space but easily accessed without having to lug them out of some closet.  

What kinds of food does your family use the kitchen to prepare?

Everything!  We’re always trying out new flavours and ideas or making things up as we go along!

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