Custom colour hand-painted In-Frame Kitchen in Rathcoole

September 30, 2020

Why have you gotten a new kitchen?  

We planned to replace the kitchen since we moved into the house years ago. The kitchen was looking tired and the time was definitely right!

Describe your previous kitchen in 3 words.          

Dated, Dull, Cramped

Describe your new kitchen in 3 words.  

Perfect, Bright, Functioning

What were you design goals before you got started?  And why?

Our goal was to create a colour contrast between our island and cabinets and to incorporate more light and space in the kitchen. The kitchen we had was cramped, dark and felt very dull.

How was this applied to your kitchen?

We got a builder to open a big window space into our kitchen which allowed the light to flood in. This gave us the opportunity to go darker on our island and lighter on our kitchen presses.

We redesigned the space to allow for larger walkways in the kitchen so now we have lots of space.

How did you come to select your door style and colour choices?

We had looked at kitchens for years and knew we wanted an in-frame style. The colours were a bit more difficult as I knew I wanted a contrast colour on the island. We had the kitchen hand painted so I was able to pick my colour as we went along.

Any advice you would give to someone in the planning stages of their new kitchen?  

Plan the way you would like your kitchen to be laid out before you plan the building work so you can make sure that you make any provisions necessary to facilitate our design.

What details are you enjoying most now that the kitchen is in?  And why?

I love the space we have. It’s very nice to still have space to move around when there is more than one person in the kitchen

What is the first thing family and friends notice about your new kitchen?

Everyone seems to notice how bright and open the kitchen is now.

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