What to expect from a design consultation

Our design consultations are a dedicated time for you to explore ideas and options with a professional designer.  We will cover a lot of information, so it is best to attend consultations with your decision-making partner so they don’t miss out on anything!  

You can expect to spend around 60-90 minutes in our showroom developing layout ideas, design concepts and becoming more familiar with our products.  We will look at design options using 3-D software so please send your measurements and any other useful information a few days ahead so your designer can digitally upload the room and further prepare for your consultation.

Professional kitchen consultation services


Good measurements are vital for successful design consultations! Designers require accurate and detailed measurements to present you with the best options.

QK Living will always perform a comprehensive survey of the room and double-check all measurements before the made-to-order furniture is put into production. However, starting with good measurements will help the design process run smoothly and get you to your dream layout quickly, without wasting time.

When you are taking measurements please remember the following:

  • Draw the full room
  • It does not have to be to scale but should be drawn from an overhead perspective.
  • Label everything in centimeters.
  • Include all walls, doors, windows, pillars, ceiling height changes, boilers and any other elements as they may affect the design.
Image of downloadable QK Living measurement guide


Navigating home improvement is not always easy but our designers can help you stay on track and get what is best suited for your family and home.  We want to help you stay on budget, whatever that may be.  Our designers have worked on projects ranging from strictly economical to highly bespoke and know the first step to achieving goals is setting them.

Help with your home improvement budget planning
Create a kitchen design  wishlist


We encourage you to take a moment to think about what you hope to achieve with your new kitchen before coming in.  Are you driven by functionality or more excited by the style?  What type of appliances do you prefer?  What is the most important element you want to include?

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