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5 Reasons why Your Kitchen is the Most Important Room of the House

They say home is where the heart is, but the heart of the home is the kitchen. There can be many rooms, bathrooms, lounges and sitting areas but there is only one kitchen. A lot has evolved from the caveman days of a man where the kitchen was the fireplace and now kitchens come equipped with the latest appliances, designed with the most beautiful wood or marble finishing and installed with lighting. Many people are revamping the looks of their kitchens in Ireland these days because they know how important it is.

 Here are 5 reasons why your house becomes a homes with a kitchen:

  1. The center of a home

The kitchen is the place that is central to everyone in the family. Everyone’s day starts with the kitchen by having breakfast and ends at night with dinner or even midnight snacks. It is the go to place for everything. It is where delicious meals are prepared, people go to rummage in the fridge to curb their hunger, have lunch/dinner parties and so much more. No matter what, everyone is bound to go to the kitchen a few times a day for some reasons or the other and it’s the most used room in the house.

  1. Food

Everyone associates food with something. Some with comfort, some with health and some with childhood memories. When food is being cooked and the delicious aroma is coming from there, people just head over to the kitchen automatically. Food is important to humans not just for the obvious reasons but for the associations it brings us.

Believe it or not, wars have been fought for food. It’s our main and only source for survival. The kitchen is where the magic happens because ingredients get transformed into scrumptious meals. It’s the source for the food in the house (unless you got a secret stash of your fav munchies in your room), from the fridge to the cabinets, the kitchen is everyone’s point of interest.

  1. Its where kids first start learning to help

This is the place when the young ones start wanting to help or are told to help. They learn to do chores in the kitchen by helping mom or dad with setting the table, doing the dishes and as they get older even cook and cut. The kitchen is where many people have their fondest memories.

  1. Family bonding

Many kitchens have a sitting area where families have meals together. It’s where conversations happen and families get to know more about each other on a daily basis. Children learn to have table manners and eating etiquette in the kitchen.

  1. Increases house value

There is a rule of thumb in the housing business and that is if you have the option of only remodeling one thing in your entire house; it’s the kitchen hands down. This is the first thing everyone wants to see after entering. If the house doesn’t have a kitchen that is beautiful and efficient, then the potential buyers rule that house out. Re-modelling the kitchens in Ireland is fairly easy these days.

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