Why Handleless Kitchens Are Perfect For You

In 2017, handleless kitchens are one of the most popular requests given to interior designers. Many homeowners just can’t help but fall in love with their clean and effortless look. However, handleless kitchens is not a new craze, rather it is a returning fashion statement, as it originally  gained popularity during the 1970s and like all good fashion, it returned with a bang, becoming a design feature of many celebrity and high end kitchens.


Sleek, Modern Look That Makes Your Kitchen Look Elegant

Handleless Kitchens

The difference between kitchens with handles and without is striking in terms of design. Handleless have a clean, modern look, creating a sense of calmness. Homeowners have rushed to update their kitchen to a handleless one. However, as well as aesthetic, handleless kitchens also serve in terms of practicality.

Firstly, there will no longer be any handles in your way. Without any handles, the drawers a free to slide open quickly and easily when you’re in a rush to make a quick family dinner or a small snack during the day. From style, aesthetic to practicality handleless kitchens are the way forward. Below we have done some research and outlined the benefits, and also some negatives of getting a handleless kitchen, so that you don’t have to!

Timeless, Elegant Look

One of the advantages of getting a handless kitchen that make it extremely popular to homeowners is its timeless look. With a sleek and minimalist look you will never have to worry about updating your kitchen again. Years after its installation, your handleless kitchen will still have a modern look and be the envy of all your neighbours!

Safety and minimalist

Since there’s no handles, its perfect for minimalists who love homes without a cluttered look. In addition its more safe. Without handless there’s less for your clothes to get caught in, or to bang your hip off (that dreaded feeling!) when you’re running around. Your children will be safe too from anything they could accidentally bang on.

HERE Disadvantages

Cleaning is a Bit Tricky

Handleless kitchens are great in many ways but it also has its disadvantages. For instance is the cleaning. No matter the kind of handleless kitchen you choose, there is a space in it that might cause dirt and crumbs and that will need regular cleaning. If you want your kitchen to be as low maintenance as much as possible, this would be something to consider.

Handleless Kitchens Are Costly

If you think this kind of kitchen would be less expensive without the handles, it isn’t. In fact, since handleless kitchens use specialist hardware, which comes with added labor, you can expect additional expense. Handleless kitchens are a bit expensive so you need to carefully think if it is the right kitchen for you.

Besides the cleaning and the cost, handleless kitchens are truly beautiful and ideal to modern kitchens. If you love handleless kitchen for your home, check out http://www.qkliving.ie/ for all kinds of kitchens that you can have for your home. Get your perfect kitchen with QK Living now!